Keller Glasshouse® in the trend of modern architecture !

The Glasshouse® is the modern version of a veranda

Big Minimal Windows ®, frameless, fixed or sliding in combination with the flat roof create an unique character of the glass extention. The concept „minimal windows®“ has also made its appearance in the construction of conservatories. This unique combination of architecture, highest functionality, ingenious design and aesthetics defines the proper style of a house and is in trend of modern building art.

Cystar Glass Romania in collaboration with C-Frame Belgium, part of Glas Ceyssens will take your enquiry from a simple idea or concept and create a design, cost, and program of works. Cystar Glass will offer a complete turn-key service ranging from concept design, detailed design, manufacturing and installation

We are responsive to your needs based on your own drawings or based on expectations that you have from the new glass extension, according to the utility you want to give to the new space. It will be a dining area, relaxing area,it will be a pool house, we will present 3D simulations and real image of the future project so you decide the final appearance of glass extension.

By choosing heated glass in your glass extension means living closer to nature all year round. The Glas Ceyssens heated glass system is as such designed that when the system is in operation the temperature of the glass will never drop below 20ºC giving the occupants at all times optimal comfort. Heated glass can be used in any framing system being it a sliding/folding doorstep, sliding doors or normal opening windows.

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