Installation by C-Frame Belgium

The Minimal Windows ® fixed or sliding, from Keller AG is distributed in Romania by Cystar Glass through the Ceyssens Group and installations made by C-Frame Belgium, part of group Ceyssens, specialized in the installation of Minimal Windows® systems.

The KELLER minimal windows® system: a sliding door system with minimal profile view. This minimalist framing system can go up to 12m² per sliding panel and can go up to 4,5m high panels. At the beginning of 2009, KELLER AG unveiled a completely new concept at the world’s largest construction trade fair: minimal windows®, which won the “Innovation Award for Architecture”.

KELLER minimal windows® is an almost profile-free system for fixed and sliding glass sections. This creates up to almost 4,5 meter high glass surfaces, both fixed and sliding components, without disruptive profiles. After years of development, we have created the perfect solution in this new concept. It goes without saying that any type of Glas Ceyssens’ glass can be used in a minimal windows®.