Stoneglass® design and quality

Stoneglass® is a new kind material offering excellent properties ideal for exterior facades. It has the appearance of marble but is in fact an ultra-durable fusion of stone and glass.

Stoneglass® combines the best features of glass, with the durability and quality of natural stone. It is fused using heat and pressure in a production process that mirrors the natural formation of granite.

Stoneglass® is formed from the fusion and crystallization of natural materials without further chemical enhancement and without adding any solvents or resin. The result is a unique product which is beautiful, easy to handle, inspired by nature and 100% recyclable.

The resultant material is as strong as stone but can be processed and cleaned in the same way as glass.

Stoneglass®, strong as STONE

Stoneglass® is highly resistant to staining, UV light, and acid or base attack, and is far more scratch resistant than stone. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Stoneglass® is extremely stable and will not absorb moisture, and because it is easy to cut and process it has an infinite range of possible applications. It can be used in tile form for walls and floors, and in sheet form for kitchen tops, tables etc. Stoneglass® is coloured throughout allowing a variety of edging and routing possibilities and it’s translucent properties enable the designer to create diffused lighting effects.

Stoneglass® is available in White or Black with either a high gloss or a soft matt finish.