Veranda, the perfect option for your house !

Veranda is a living space with glass roof and glass walls, an extension in appearance like a greenhouse, for different spaces

A veranda enlarge the living space, so it can be successfully used to expand the space for restaurants, hotel, spa’s.
By choosing to cover your swimming pool with our veranda’s, you can enjoy the water even in the cold season. With the swimming pool inside of the veranda, you reduce maintenance and cleaning costs.
Cystar Glass designs, produce, assemble, transport and install your veranda !

» The veranda’s are produced from aluminium profiles, special profiles for this type of closing, thermal broken, electrostatic painted.

» The walls of the veranda can be from sliding or armonica doors.

» Cystar Glass offers all the necessary informations and advices so you can choose the best model of veranda for the design of your house.

» All the elements of the veranda’s are manufactureted in Belgium, so QUALITY !

We design, produce and install two categories of veranda:

  • IMPERIAL: is the simple version of closing the of the terrace, the main feature of Imperial range is the fully glass roof.The “Greenhouses” can be attached to existing buildings or built individually, they can be decorated according to the taste of each and provide the comfort and thermal insulation expected.
  • ORANGERY: The complex version of closing the terrace, has as main advantage, because of the roof components, can be connected to various types of buildings. Orangery allows architects to “play” with the type of roof and can connect to different types of buildings in different angles thanks to the wooden cornice, connections that can not be achieved with other types of Wintergarden. The different eaves profiles, which lend the particular style of the ORANGERIE as a living space extension, also play their part. Deliberately traditional or a modern re-interpretation, in a private or commercial setting, this home conservatory always make the right impression.
    High-quality technical solutions impact both the visual appearance and the operating- and living comfort.

Heated Glass the intelligent solution for your veranda

Heated glass of Glas Ceyssens in your veranda means living closer to nature all year round. All but typically abandoned during winter months, your veranda can remain a coveted area of your home. Enjoy a peaceful breakfast beside your snow-filled garden, completely insulated from the cold by the warmth of your heated glass. As for those steamy summer months, no other glass will keep out more heat and repel the sun’s harmful rays. That’s energy savings 12 months of the year.